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Domain Registration

What makes a good domain name?

With the hundreds of marketing messages that we are exposed to every day, you need to ensure that you standout among the crowd. If you want your business to grow its market and increase sales, you have to make sure your presence is significant and that any prospective client is able to reach and identify you through an easy-to-remember means: a remarkable domain name.

A generic domain name, apart from vastly improving your search engine rankings, represents a superb branding opportunity and could save you a fortune in marketing expenditure.

Companies waste millions a year advertising domain names that never mark to customers. Think back about when you last heard a great radio ad, but can’t remember the phone number, website, or even the name of the company. Clearly a memorable domain name would dramatically increase response rates to any form of off-line advertising

It would be rather naive to think that people would remember your company name more readily than your product. Even the largest of household names use generic domains when promoting their websites.

E.g. B & Q’s website address is diy.com

Everyone looking to import a new car is familiar with the phrase “car import agency.” It is a generic term that describes every car import agency.

Surfers would naturally ‘stumble’ across your website just by guessing your address, and be unlikely to ever forget your web address once having seen it – even six months down the line!

A good domain name should be:

  • Memorable (easy to remember)
  • Generic
  • Descriptive

But, what good is a significant domain name when your site has nowhere to sit? You will always need to have a good and reliable Web Hosting