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Social Media Services

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are continuing to meld together. Social Media Marketing today has a largely two-fold impact. One is the brand awareness to prospects, generated by a Social Marketing Campaign, and the other being the subsequent backlink that flow in.


At Business Outsourcing Services, we systematically think through the impact of each campaign, and optimize it to have the greatest impact on both fronts. Tying both trains of thought into a well-packaged vehicle of success is a technique already have perfected.

You’ve created a great website to get your purpose and message across on the web, but what do your customers see when they search for your company on any one of the hundreds of social media sites, from Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Facebook and Niche Social Network?

There’s a social media site for just about everyone now. LinkedIn, iKarma, MySpace, Facebook – the list goes on. And the only way to interact with the millions of consumers who populate these sites is to get involved. We can help you navigate the many sites, then create and manage profiles on the sites that will help you connect with your target community.

Social Media Tools

Like all the other social networking and micro-blogging sites that have been emerging, we can also assist you with social media marketing and strategy, advise you with content-creation, which specifically applies to the behaviour of niche online demographics, and assist you in deciding on your objectives before picking a specific technology.

Social Media also known as social networking offer interactive features such as user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. We can assist you in choosing a platform to participate in.

Business Outsourcing Services has an understanding of the specific social technology usage patterns of the markets and audiences each platform utilize; such as the five separate major demographics – professionals, baby boomers, ‘geeks’, women and Generation-Y.

Social Media can be a good step in finding prospective consumers, because if there’s a goal to reach the general public – whoever, wherever, you would need to reach them widely. Another professional method to find clients is through Press Release Submissions.