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Article Submission Services

Why use the Article Submission strategy?

All webmasters have problems with search engines. So we are working for the best ranking on search engines. As you know, one of the greatest ways of getting ranking is submitting articles to article directories. You will get backlinks from hundreds of different IPs and high PageRank (PR) directories. Your backlinks will be located into your articles page. So your links will be related to your site. Moreover your articles will be submitted manually if you prefer. So this will boost your ranking.

We carry out Manual Submissions to High Rank Article Sites, with different anchor text and description. We submit your site to quality Article Sites, most of them require us to create a unique account for you before submission. We’ll create unique email IDs for you, register your account with each site, verify the email, submit your site and finally give you the access to the email account that we created for you.

Submitting a website to Article Sites is very popular amongst SEO experts, as it not only gives you one way links from relevant sites but also increases traffic. We’ll submit your article with 2-3 links of your website in the author’s resource box and create variations of your article after every 100 submissions, to avoid duplicate content.

Its key features:

  • We manually submit your website to all Article Sites.
  • We create unique email account and user account for you & verify them before its submitted.
  • The links that you get are one way and are permanent links for your website, no reciprocal links required.
  • We provide excellent support to our customers – all your queries will be answered in 24 hrs.
  • We give full report of service click to see the sample report.
  • We submit your site to Article Directories with High PR Rank. You can see the Rank of each site by clicking here
  • We allow you to give 2-3 links of your website in author’s resource box.
  • Different Variations of Description & Title are created every 100 submissions to avoid duplicate content.
  • To make process SEO friendly
  • All articles are unique and sent for customer approval before submission.

But of course, when submitting a website, it should contain relevant content which you can achieve through our Content Writing Services.